Peer block not updating

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They seem to follow the open source development model with the buglist and being more open about their intentions. It isn't only used for P2P and that's why your posts trying to convince people BLM is a valid substitute for PG2 fail.Not all of us use blocklists solely for P2P purposes. Trying to convince people PG2 is crap for the sake of it, is just major FAIL.

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BLM is not an IP blocker, it's a simple tool used to manage the blocklists that other programs use. No more deleting files and reconfiguring everytime the program closes if it wasn't disabled.I suspect Peer Block is going to be more successful in the long run.(Assuming they keep bringing regular releases and fix bugs in a timely manner)...You have to have those programs for BLM to work its magic. that would be nice if it actually BLOCKED anything which it apparently, guys..PG2/Peer Block on the other hand is a network tool which is used to block all connections to the internet, not just those originating from P2P apps. Protowall (Bluetack's answer to PG2) also uses the Bluetack lists and it too 'failed' 5 years ago. (yes i i updated lists, enabled it, all the obvious questions, I R not n00b) so to get away from the flaming and alternative proggy suggestions, does anyone actually have an answer to the OP's problem?

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