Parenting dating violence

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"This preventative education also enables teens that have grown up in violent homes to challenge that learned behaviour and choose a different lifestyle.For those teens that may already be in an abusive relationship, this early education helps both abusers and victims to understand the consequences of their actions and the options available."The abuse also takes the form of obsession and possessiveness.Don’t ever think your child is too young to see what’s going on.And that means they’re never too young to start talking about it.It is fun and exciting to meet someone new, and sad and difficult to break up.

“Having the conversation is hard on the survivor and may trigger anxiety and traumatic memories,” says Lizeth Toscano, a parenting educator with Echo Parenting and Education. Silence is saying it’s OK that the violence happened.” Here are six tips for talking to children about violence. That’s easy, Toscano says: “Whenever the child is ready.” She suggests asking open-ended questions after an incident, such as “That must have been scary for you to see. ” Toscano also advises parents to be on the lookout for nonverbal cues in children. “If your child starts developing a lot of tummy aches and would rather stay with you than go to school, that’s a sign he or she needs to talk.” 2. Children are more aware than parents like to think they are.

To learn more about protecting your children from domestic violence, check out Getting Kids Out of Harms Way and important facts about potential outcomes of children experiencing violence.

A Safe Place (Zion, IL) As the leading advocate for eliminating domestic violence in northern Illinois, A Safe Place provides information and training about domestic violence to students, professionals and the general community.

With guidance and support, teens can learn about healthy relationships and get the strength and courage needed to leave those that are not.

It is one of the major sources of violence in teen life.

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