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I'm on the table under the influence of the cocktail of medication that they give you to make the transfer, so not in my lucid state of mind.

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To continue I had to numb and that's when I started with the prescription drugs.

She received 8,000 between 20 and has reportedly been on and off welfare since then.

Determined to support herself, Nadya has attempted a number of careers including: Her latest foray is dating for money through What’s Your Price.com, a website whose commitment to meaningful emotional bonding is surpassed only by its design aesthetics.

The scandalous part about Suleman's 2009 pregnancy was that she already had six kids and was an unemployed single mom at the time.

Related: Octomom Pleads No Contest In Welfare Fraud Case Now Natalie is coming forward to describe how her "young and dumb" ways caused her to allow doctors to implant twelve embryos despite her better judgment.

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