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Nor could any pen, no matter how facile, describe it properly.

Ghastly nightmares break up the sleep I so badly need.With a sadistic smile he contemplated the great accomplishment of his mighty country which, at one stroke, could chop off the head of the loathsome hydra. Human life meant nothing to him, and to inflict death and untold torture was a supreme delight. Part of the crowd seemed pleased and I myself hoped to be able to return home, thinking that we were being put through some identification procedure. And then, to our dismay, we came face to face with stark reality.Because of his "heroic deeds," he subsequently became "deputy squad commander" (Unterschaarfeuhrer). He had a dog named Barry, about which I shall speak later. There were railroad cars, empty railroad cars, waiting to receive us. What wrongs had our wives, children and mothers committed? The beautiful, bright and radiant sun disappeared behind clouds as if loath to look down upon our suffering and humiliation. As many as 80 personas were crowded into each car with no way to escape.Wiernik escaped from Treblinka during the uprising there.The Nazi murderers slaughtered millions of Jewish men, women, children and oldsters in cold blood.

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