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With an unemployment rate of c.89% for Bedouin women, paying for legal aid is not a realistic option.In addition, women are not allowed to leave their villages unescorted by a man, which makes it even harder for women to get legal aid (which is unavailable in the villages).As a grassroots Arab organization based and founded in Beer Sheva in 2001, and led by Arab women activists, Ma’an is rooted in the community that it serves.It is uniquely qualified to support, work with, empower, and advocate for Arab Bedouin women and women’s rights activists, and to lead the design and implementation of project activities to empower our core beneficiary group.

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Together we implement projects for the advancement of women's equality and rights.Of the 200,000 Bedouins living in the Negev, half live in seven towns set up by the Israeli government, which are characterized by unemployment and neglect.The rest of the community is dispersed throughout 34 villages, struggling for recognition by the government and lacking basic infrastructure, such as running water, electricity, roads and access to health care and schools.Bedouin women are facing increasing ordeals as a doubly discriminated minority, on the one hand because they belong to an ethnic minority and on the other because they are women subject to living in a traditional patriarchal society rife with gender oppression.Bedouin women are economically dependent on their fathers, husbands, or sons.

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