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Once addiction is overcome, a couple is faced with the legions of other Love Busters that were ignored in the shadow of addiction or were created by addiction. They may not go to bars, and they may not even get drunk very often. My definition of an alcoholic is someone who cannot follow the Policy of Joint Agreement because of their craving for alcohol.

If your drinking in any form bothers your spouse, and you cannot or will not give it up for his or her sake, I consider you an alcoholic because alcohol is more important to you than the feelings of your spouse.

The first time he came home drunk would have been his last.

The Policy of Joint Agreement eliminates all Love Busters, including drug and alcohol addiction.

After reading most of the information you have, I can see how your methods could work, but I don't see how I can apply them to my situation.

Alcoholics commonly engage in their most painful habits while under the influence. The fact that he or she is drunk at the time is no consolation to a grief-stricken spouse.

Women often suffer cruel physical and emotional abuse from their alcoholic husbands.

If the addicted spouse refuses treatment, then I direct the unaddicted spouse to Alanon or some other support group for spouses of alcoholics. That's what I learned to do after discovering that an alcoholic is so much in love with alcohol, that while in the state of addiction, there is no way for them to consider their spouse's feelings whenever they make decisions, a necessary condition for a great marriage.

Alcohol always comes first, even when it is at the spouse's expense.

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