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Every year, top writers compete to win the Booker Prize. But while the judges debate their choices, what about the public's taste for fiction? Which books have average British readers bought and read over the years?

Rachelle Thackray examines the evidencen 10 best literary fiction n 20 best popular fiction n 10 best biography n 10 best non-fiction 1 DIANA: HER TRUE STORY Author: Andrew Morton Publisher: Michael O'Mara Diana was the goose that lay a golden egg for Andrew Morton, the bespectacled, earnest-looking author who managed to win her trust and subsequently told the world of her anguished marriage.

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It also explores some of the outlying reaches of our knowledge of astrophysics.Can his genius help trap the killer who knows that beauty is only skin deep?Utterly gripping, but extremely gory, this was snapped up by bloodthirsty and enthralled fans after the film proved to be a huge hit.Sales: 750,000 (including TV edition) Weeks on bestseller list: 50 If you liked this, you'll love: The Ex-Wives, by Deborah Moggach, published by Arrow 13 BRAVO TWO ZERO Author: Andy Mc Nab Publisher: Corgi This first-hand account of operations during the Gulf War in Iraq in the early Nineties was a runaway success.Mc Nab, with his dark humour and a talent for pace, describes an SAS mission in which he led an eight- man patrol deep behind enemy lines.

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