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You wouldn't believe how delicious that big load of spunk tastes, when it's mixed with the lucky recipient's juices!" Both Jenn and Cherry had reached over, and were now stroking eagerly at each other's horny centers, nimble fingers working each other up to climax.My boss was so impressed that he took me out for lunch, and gave me the rest of the day off!" Emily saw Jenn and Cherry exchange a look, one that said that they were glad she hadn't gotten home sooner.

The smell of Cherry's arousal patterned against the crotch, a peppery, hot musky scent, made Emily's pussy twang with need.

Emily watched, feeling her horniness surge back up, watching the exciting spectacle of her daughter and her best friend working each other over, the wet squelch of plunging fingers, the cries of passion coming from the TV speakers, and the girl's moans and cries of passion filling Jenn's bedroom.

Jenn cried out "Oh holy fuck, that's so fucking hot, yes, yes, gonna, oh gonna do it, stroke me baby, yes, yes, fuck YEEEESSSSS!

Her boss had taken her out for lunch, to celebrate her landing a big account with the agency, and had given her the rest of the day off.

She was feeling good, and now that she had the rest of the day off, she was feeling frisky, too.

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