Liquidating assets definition

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Any issuer primarily engaged, directly or through a wholly-owned subsidiary or subsidiaries, in a business or businesses other than that of investing, reinvesting, owning, holding, or trading in securities.

Any issuer which the Commission, upon application by such issuer, finds and by order declares to be primarily engaged in a business or businesses other than that of investing, reinvesting, owning, holding, or trading in securities either directly or (A) through majority-owned subsidiaries or (B) through controlled companies conducting similar types of businesses. 104–290, § 209(c)(6), substituted “which (i) are” for “which are” and added cl.

96–477, § 102, designated existing provisions as subpar.

96–477, § 703, excluded from consideration as an investment company for purposes of this subchapter any employee’s stock bonus, pension, or profit-sharing trust which holds only assets of governmental plans described in section 77c(a)(2)(C) of this title, redesignated former cl.

100–181, § 604, inserted “or” after “therefor;” and struck out “; or any common trust fund or similar fund, established before , by a corporation which is supervised or examined by State or Federal authority having supervision over banks, if a majority of the units of beneficial interest in such fund, other than units owned by charitable or educational institutions, are held under instruments providing for payment of income to one or more persons and of principal to another or others” after “guardian”.

such issuer has disclosed to each beneficial owner, as determined under paragraph (1), that future investors will be limited to qualified purchasers, and that ownership in such issuer is no longer limited to not more than 100 persons; and concurrently with or after such disclosure, such issuer has provided each beneficial owner, as determined under paragraph (1), with a reasonable opportunity to redeem any part or all of their interests in the issuer, notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary between the issuer and such persons, for that person’s proportionate share of the issuer’s net assets.

Each person that elects to redeem under subparagraph (B)(ii)(II) shall receive an amount in cash equal to that person’s proportionate share of the issuer’s net assets, unless the issuer elects to provide such person with the option of receiving, and such person agrees to receive, all or a portion of such person’s share in assets of the issuer.

If the issuer elects to provide such persons with such an opportunity, disclosure concerning such opportunity shall be made in the disclosure required by subparagraph (B)(ii)(I).

104–290, § 209(a)(2), inserted “and is or, but for the exception provided for in this paragraph or paragraph (7), would be an investment company,” after “voting securities of the issuer,” and struck out “unless, as of the date of the most recent acquisition by such company of securities of that issuer, the value of all securities owned by such company of all issuers which are or would, but for the exception set forth in this subparagraph, be excluded from the definition of investment company solely by this paragraph, does not exceed 10 per centum of the value of the company’s total assets.

(A), substituted “acting as broker, and acting as market intermediary,” for “and acting as broker,”, and added subpar.

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