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Slut want a holiday, and it's going to cost 1200 US dollars to ho to Jamaica.

Earn the money by doing obscure things for celebrities, who will give you shit you can hawk for cash, while in the mean time, looking at heaps of great porn.

You Tuber with average watch time/engagement = WE’LL SHOW YOUR SUBSCRIBERS THIS (IF YOU’RE LUCKY).

You Tuber with low watch time/engagement = SOON NO ONE WILL KNOW YOUR NAME. Once an addiction begins to form in the brain it slowly stops becoming a conscious choice and starts feeling like an actual need.

Browse the dresses and accessories and choose your favorite.

We are the number #1 trusted source online when it comes to looking for the best escorts in your local area.

Description: Here is another game featuring Slutty Mc Slut.

Once again you have to travel around the city and seduce as much sexy babes as possible.

You are one sexy stud, who has a real thing for sexy cats.

Their sense of purpose isn’t nearly as strong as it once was, which — from an evolutionary perspective — is the male’s bread and butter. I wonder what life would be like today if "the people" had never fought for ANYTHING and just silently allowed the government to call all the shots? I just hate sitting back and letting injustice happen.

How much injustice and corruption would be present? So many creators work SO hard and deserve for their content to reach their audience. You Tube’s “optimization” system in a nutshell: You Tuber with high watch time/engagement = MAJOR BOOST.

Which is why people will ruin their lives over their “choice” to take drugs.

I wonder how much time social media developers devote to studying the neuroscience behind addiction so that they can better manipulate us to waste our lives away on their sites?

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