Kelly clarkson and clay aiken dating

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“I honestly don’t care if he is gay or isn’t gay, and I don’t care if he tells people or doesn’t tell people. The 26-year-old, who was the first to be crowned “Idol” champ, said a lot has changed in eight seasons of the FOX reality competition. We were just a completely different group of people.I’m not friends with him for either of those reasons. We didn’t know if the show was gonna be a serious joke that was not successful, or if anything was gonna come out of it at the end,” she explained. Now, every season knows what is possible — they’ve seen it.” “They’re a little more hard-core because they just want it so bad,” she said of the crop of singing hopefuls.“They sent me the song, but it was kind of a different take on the message.I said, ‘I love the beat, I love the song, but I’d rather it be something I would really say, and I’ll sell it better if it is something I would relate to,’” Kelly told Pop in a recent interview.I have everything I just said in my family, so I’m just used to being surrounded by that.I just don’t know any different.” She felt the same when her fellow “Idol” alum, Clay Aiken, came out to her. He called and he just said, ‘You’ll probably get a lot of calls about this, but I just wanted to give you a heads up,’” she recalled. I thought it was kinda cool that they brought her on to freshen up the show,” Kelly said.

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(Photo by Al Pereira/Wire Image) NEW YORK - APRIL 8: Clay Aiken promotes his starring role in the Tony Award winning Broadway comedy 'Monty Python's Spamalot' with a handprint ceremony at Planet Hollywood on April 8, 2008 in New York City.

finalists who’ve released music to the public, Kelly Clarkson is the most successful in terms of album sales, while Clay Aiken has a commanding lead in the single sales category.

USA TODAY’s Idol Chatter reports on the Nielsen Sound Scan numbers, which show that Kelly Clarkson has sold far more albums (8.1 million copies over two albums) than any other star.

At the bottom of the list is John Stevens, who has sold 2,700 singles, 200 more copies than Corey Clark’s album sold.

Finally, in the downloaded tracks category, Kelly Clarkson leads again, having sold an impressive 5.9 million songs.

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