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Police say that the man admitted the charge, saying “I did it knowing she was an elementary school student”.

In January of this year, Nakatsuji is said to have carried out indecent acts at love hotels in Kyoto and at his own home with a girl (12), also from Kyoto, who at the time of the incident was in the sixth grade of elementary school.

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Japan's Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 states (in English translation) that "No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it," but the law contains many loopholes and liberal interpretations of the law, which in turn has caused a loose enforcement of the law, which has allowed Japan to establish a sex trade industry to comes into some ¥2.3 trillion (Cdn/US .2 billion) a year.

There is a case of a junior school boy who pimped a 13-year-old girl for over ¥60,000 (~Cdn/US 2) by using a deai-kei BBS; and other school girls who use the site to pimp themselves.

Known as enjo kousai (paid dating), a whole industry of schoolgirl prostitution has sprung up, with girls being called 'JC' within the slang of the sites (JC = Joshi Chugakusei - which means junior high school student), and with the large amounts of money involved encouraging involvement in the trade.

A junior high boy is said to have advertised: “Recruiting JC in Kanagawa.

You can make a lot so anyone looking for dates come to me,” and to have pimped out a 16-year-old girl for ¥40,000 (~5).

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