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But their specialty, for which they've received a lot of media and law enforcement attention, is a type of robbery called a "home invasion." Home invasions occur when the gang breaks into family's home or small business, tie up all the family members, and terrorize them until the family produces valuables or money.

Common tactics include beatings, torture, and the raping of female family members.

As a result, they may fatalistically accept that despite their best efforts, there are too many barriers that prevent them from achieving the "American dream" -- at least through conventional methods.Unfortunately, many of these groups are based on the belief that the only way for them to achieve "success" in American society is to accomplish those goals through "unconventional" methods -- i.e., crime.Many Asian youth gangs may start out as just a social group of friends and acquaintances.This is a huge problem for me as I'm living with my parents for the duration of my studies (which will be about the next 3 or 4 years) and don't really have the means to move out.I was wondering how anyone here might have dealt with similar problems before? Maybe they are concerned about you not continuing to practice Jewish traditions, or think the relationship will lead to an unresolvable conflict.

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