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Shamanism is still practiced in Russia, particularly in the Lake Baikal area of southern Siberia near the Mongolian border and in the middle Volga regions. Some remote parts of Siberia don't have any restaurants, hotels or supermarket but they do have pine-plank temples known as shaman's posts where people leave offerings such money, tea, or cigarettes.Anybody who passes by without leaving an offering risks offending the evil spirits.Mongol shaman believe that humans have three souls, two of which can be reincarnated.

It is often made from wood or bark from sacred trees and skin of horses or reindeer said to have been ridden to other worlds.

The aim of the rituals is to ensure a good hunt and this was done by honoring or giving offerings to spirits associated with the animals Many feature dancing that imitates or honors the animal in some way.

There is often an element of sorrow over killing the animal.

Shamanism practiced in Russia is divided into major sects: Buryat Shamanist east of Lake Baikal has a strong Buddhist influence; West of Lake Baikal shamanism is more Russified.

The 700,000 Mari and 800,000 Udmurts, both Finno-Ugric people of the middle Volga region are shamanists.

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