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We all know this: being completely accessible to someone renders you undesirable, and being unavailable prompts their relentless chasing you.

This is not because we’re all just in it for the chase, but rather that in shaping our behaviour, these patterns of reinforcement consequently affect our perception of another person’s allure.

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Sociologists at the University of Iowa reported in 2009 that the three qualities thought by both men and woman to be essential in a partner are mutual attraction and love, dependability and emotional stability.

But if we’re all able to identify the most ideal attributes, how is it that we nonetheless end up dating jerks and jerkettes so often?

The processes in operant conditioning involve increasing or otherwise decreasing the likelihood of an individual performing a certain behaviour based on the consequences they either perceive will occur, or experience firsthand.

But equally important as the consequences themselves are the schedules of reinforcement on which they operate, being either continuous or intermittent.

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