Intimidating shout tremor

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The four elemental totem types become available by way of certain quests.These quests become available several levels below the level at which the totem spells become trainable, ensuring that a Shaman need not go out of their way to complete them immediately.

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Shaman tactics for Mists of Pandaria are presented below.As Water Shield does not require any mana to cast, it does not affect the 5 second rule.Be aware that Lightning Shield generates extra threat, so use it with care in group situations.This can be expensive in terms of mana, but may enable the Shaman to down relatively high-level mobs.On normal mobs of a similar level, the Shaman may allow the mob into melee range, using a fast weapon with Flametongue Weapon, as well as Lightning Shield, to serve up some DPS between casting Lightning Bolts, and alternating Flame Shock with Earth or Frost Shock.

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