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Renvyle House is a beautiful country house on the west coast of Ireland. Yeats was famously a lover of all things paranormal, and he lived in nearby Thoor Ballylee, a castle he also believed to be haunted.

After being burned down by the IRA, it was rebuilt and opened as a hotel in the 1930s, with its first guest being none other than famed Irish poet W. He would frequently visit Renvyle House to perform séances with his wife, who he believed was his own personal medium.

His endeavor was a success, and the library remained the only free, public library in Dublin for over a century, and it continues operating to this day.When she tried to escape with her lover, her boat was overturned by a storm as her horrified father looked on helplessly.Visitors can now hear the sounds of sweeping and singing coming from her bedroom, as well as the ghostly apparition of a woman looking out over the cliffs.One of the most commonly reported sightings at Dunluce Castle is that of a man in 14th-century clothes.It is believed that this is the ghost of Richard Óg (Young Richard), who became one of the most powerful men in Ireland when he was just 12 years old.

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