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On the tenth anniversary of the CW’s flagship series, A decade ago this fall, just as social media was fracturing pop culture into a million pieces, a pair of sophomore show-runners, a start-up network, and a cast of barely of-age millennials aligned to capture one last old-fashioned teenage zeitgeist.On the tenth anniversary of the CW’s flagship series, Blake Lively had quit acting."That is very much what you're signing up for in the beginning," he says."You know that part of the fun and joy for everybody is all the drama and the gossip and the soap opera of it all on the internet and that all leads up to this thing."Then the movie comes out and it's a whole other thing."That kind of pressure is more intense on this film but it's the same pressure that you deal with on any movie - which is you want to do a good job and have people like it."But it's hard to ignore the fact the role will likely be the first line in his eventual obituary."Yes, thank you! If we make more, I would love to do them - I think it would be great to continue the adventure."For Howard - the director behind Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind, Rush and Frost/Nixon - jumping into a film that had already been started by other directors was "unlike any experience I ever had"."It was unfortunate that they needed to change directors at a certain point, or felt that they had to, but the one thing that I could offer was fresh excitement."Because I wouldn't come in unless I felt the story was really strong and offered something to fans and also real belief in this charismatic, cool cast."So I got to come in and say, 'Hey, this stuff is already great that you were doing but here is a new idea' and inject it with that creative energy."He also took the chatter about the production in his stride."It's nice that people care and I expected it.Of course there is that pressure, with something like this and believe me, everybody at Lucasfilm and involved in the projects is very, very interested in fans and trying to imagine what the fans might think but by the same token, they are creative."They also know that they would be doing a disservice to everybody, including the fans, if they got paralysed with fear and anxiety over that, so they do have to take some risks."This movie does take those risks.As Ostroff put it, “It holds such a place in pop culture and in society where people just really say, ‘I remember everything around that show.I remember where I was [when watching it] and what I was doing in my life.’”Viewers wanted to dress like the characters; they wanted their haircuts and jewelry and ringtones; they wanted to talk like them and listen to the music they listened to.and Beautiful Creatures, felt up to the task."You know that you are taking on this entire thing when you say yes to it," he says, looking remarkably relaxed in an olive-green suit and stripy socks."So it was a pressure for me to think, 'Do I really want to go and have this adventure?

Waldorf is a brunette queen bee—controlling, poised, meticulous.And it was even more difficult for us, because we were going after a younger, more finicky audience.”It was a perfect storm: a buzzy property, a hot creative team, and a new network.The official green light was a mere formality: Schwartz and Savage were off to the races.“Phones get updated, but the inner life of teenagers, and the things that they struggle with, are pretty timeless, regardless of what device they’re on,” Schwartz said.There was no shortage of high-profile guest stars throughout the run, either, as luminaries from the world of fashion, publishing, music, and art appeared on the series.

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