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Most children that intentionally viewed pornography in on the web in the past are likely to do it again almost every time they get a chance.

This happens when parents are not around, and it even happens in random places that have computers and access to the internet such as public schools and libraries.

As great of a resource as internet is, sometimes it might be used for illegal activities such as sexual exploitation, harassment, and pornography.

The sad thing is that the victims of these activities are mostly children.

Since no one is forced to do so, it can be said that in this case people are not being used as a means to an end.

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There are also a lot of adults who benefit from it because they view it for their pleasure.The internet is a fundamental resource that provides adults and children with opportunities for learning, entertainment and communication. Any child that is old enough to find a letter on a keyboard can access the World Wide Web.New technologies provide number of ways to communicate, and youth of today have mastered those techniques.It influences the moral values and sexual attitudes of youth. They start perceiving sex only as pleasure, not thinking about consequences that might arise such as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.Children that view pornography are more likely to become sexually active earlier that children that do not.

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