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Forgetting anniversaries – the symbol of your togetherness – is another cause for concern.And when you get to the stage where you’re no longer planning your future as a couple, your relationship is definitely on the wrong track.But just why are so many of us living apart together under the same roof? And is it possible to rekindle the flames of passion when you’ve lost any sense of togetherness?According to relationship psychologist Glenn Wilson, modern couples are suffering from too much equality.Suzi and Tom do all the normal things that couples do: they go for meals and to the cinema, they enjoy sailing and socialising with friends at weekends. The pair, who married in 2000, have been leading separate lives for the past four years.And it seems they’re far from unique, with increasing numbers of married couples finding themselves in a situation where they’re living as if they are divorced – but just haven’t realised it yet.

When it’s been months since you had a conversation that didn’t revolve round the builders then it’s time to take stock; once you no longer discuss the minutiae of your day, no matter how trivial, you start to lose a connection.A key characteristic of de facto divorcés is a lack of sex.Relationship coach Francine Kaye, who runs uk, says she increasingly encounters couples whose dealings with one another are purely practical rather than emotional.‘Women saw themselves as being the one who looked after the welfare of the family, but these days there’s no division of labour and so to some extent there’s no need for a couple to maintain their unison because they have no real dependence on one another.’It’s true that all couples go through cycles of closeness followed by distance, in line with life changes; the arrival of children, illness or stress at work can all play a part.In the instance of the Blairs, this is certainly the case.

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