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Linda had just come from the bathroom...a tiny white towel draped around her voluptuous body. "Fine." Bobby said as he sat down on his desk chair. She felt his raging hard-on slip to the side and the thick shaft sunk down in between her meaty cheeks. She quickly flexed her chest muscles, making her tits ripple beneath her sweater. He probably smells them...savoring the strong pungent aroma of my clean shaven mommy-muffin.

Bobby's eyes followed the sway of her meaty buttocks...barley covered as she pranced into her bedroom. She glanced down at the throbbing protrusion, then down the hallway to make sure her husband was downstairs. Bobby let out a little sigh and Linda giggled as she brushed his hair back with her long nails. "You're not the only show-off in this house." She smiled. He may even turn them inside out and suck on the crotch.

"Yeah, it's just about done mom." He said, blushing as he threw his phone aside.

Even at home in his room he had a difficult time focusing on his homework as he found himself rubbing his cock through his shorts as he gazed at the sexy picture on his phone. "Aren't you suppose to be working on that math homework young man." She asked almost playfully.

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Damn though, if his father had come out of the bathroom and caught him gazing at my nudity we would have both had some explaining to do. Like most 18 year olds, he was fascinated with the bodies of middle-aged women. I can't believe my husband is downstairs waiting for his breakfast and here I am giving our son's big boner teasing little butt- hugs. Just make sure your father's downstairs first.." Linda said. The big busted mom smiled lovingly as she felt Bobby's body let out an excited quiver. Then, without hesitation, she scraped it onto her tongue. Her sexy bare feet had squatty little toes with nails that were painted a delicate pale-pink. Dangling boobs with cute little stretch marks from their weight being pulled towards her tummy. covered only by a tiny well groomed patch of thin pubic fuzz. Often times Bobby's mind would drift up into a cloud where his young naked body was laying on top of his beautiful big busted mother.

As her pendulous tits sprung free they just sort of flopped down against her tummy and bobbled slightly back and forth. After setting her bra down near the sink Linda slid her thumbs under the hem of her panties and began to slide them down her long tan legs. He could see the baby-smooth meat of her genitals..spongy double doors extending out from her pubis. Linda was now on her knees in the water, sitting on her heels facing her son. It's like his bulbous head just split my twat and my pussy was reacting as if in preparation to accommodate all that long thick meat.

"Okay." Bobby said, watching her slide the cups from her breasts. She poured some bubble bath in the tub as her son marveled at the cheeks of her full heart-shaped buttocks. I'm gonna cum in my fucking shorts before mom even gets in the tub. Linda stepped into the water, her butt cheeks rippling. He made no attempt to hide it as he walked over to the side of the tube. The way she thrust her breasts made Bobby's dick jump. Oh my God I've never reacted to something that way.

i found this story in another forum and had to post it. Mother/son "Morning slugger." Linda said as she passed her son in the hallway. " She said, squeezing her cheeks of her buttocks together and smothering his rod. As Linda turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Bobby could stare straight into the swell of her enormous breasts.

She looked like a 39 year old Katy Perry, but with a shapelier figure and enormous breasts. He could tell through the sweater where the edges of her bra were and could see the bulging breast meat oozing out the top. He must have some sort of ritual after he digs them out of my hamper. ", I just thought it would be cool to have a picture of you on my phone to look show my friends" He explained.

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