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”This confusion appears to extend beyond differing interpretations of terminology, setting up both sides for nasty surprises when they meet.

The North Koreans seem to believe that their nuclear breakthroughs forced Mr.

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But those two imagined victories are mutually exclusive and, barring a drastic strategic shift by either country, categorically unacceptable to the other side.Vipin Narang, a scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, translated the meaning of the statement as: “This is what we will look like as a nuclear weapons power.Get used to it.”But American officials greeted the testing pause as the first of many expected North Korean concessions. Trump wrote on Twitter that North Korea had already “agreed to denuclearization (so great for World), site closure, & no more testing!Kim, whose youthful boldness and willingness to embrace risk give him the swagger, perhaps unearned, of a major nuclear power.But the meeting will also exemplify a world that is less constrained by the usual guardrails of international norms or policy processes — a world in which virtually anything can happen.

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