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I have no problem telling you this because I know a lot of people just like you, so don't be offended.I have never once in my life been in the dreaded friendzone, my intentions are clear from the moment I meet any girl.Well, if we go a little bit deeper down that rabbit hole, you will discover that all the behavior you will have with that person will greatly influence the form of behavioral pattern that this person will facilitate with you.Most of what you do are affected by your behavioral patterns and are also the result of your experience in this world.I don't have time to listen to girls bullshit, I have enough shit going on in my life.I sure has hell do not have the time to deal with her problems and then worst of all, not get laid.The way we act to our girlfriend and wife has tremendous influence on how they will behave when it comes to us since we are in a long-term relationship.You might have found a perfect little sexy angel, but if you unconsciously reward the wrong behaviour pattern or punish the good one, she might just turn into a cute little monster in the next year.

So if you have a morale problem with this, just remember that she probably won’t have any!

Behavior modification is a set of strategies, procedures and techniques that involve handling your conscious response to event in order to shape other people’s behaviour.

It is used by educators in schools, by managements and governments’ at a large scale.

You can go surf youtube videos and read forum comments all day about getting out of the friendzone but none of these people know what they are talking about. Well, I am ready to step up to the plate, learn your situation and deal with it.

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