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Club head speed was approximately 5% faster following dynamic stretching compared to static and no stretching. Inclusion: -People over the age of 18 years with one or more strokes at least 3 months previously -Ambulatory without physical assistance of other person (orthotic devices, canes or walkers will be allowed) -Able to follow instructions and able to communicate with investigators as assessed by specific NIH Stroke Scale questions.

Aviram R, Harries N, Namourah I, Amro A, Bar-haim S. This measure represents the time between the release of external support of an individual leaning their center of mass (anteriorly) outside of their base of support, to the time in which their body weight is no longer supported by the limb in which they choose to step.

Demographics: Control group: Affected group: Upon entering clinic individuals were oriented to the purposed of the study, screened to be deemed fit for inclusion, and consented for participation.

This time is noted, and the time at which pressure is no longer picked up by the stepping limb is noted. The Gait Rite mat has a sampling rate of 120 Hertz, therefore frames are captured every 8 milliseconds.Research individuals who have experienced a stroke compared to age-matched cohort. No adverse events or negative impacts were reported in the studies from engaging sub-symptom exacerbation aerobic exercise in patients still experiencing prolonged symptoms after m TBI, which had previously been thought to be deleterious until research as such as been published in the recent decades. In order to control excess spending, Congress looked to prohibit this type of conflict of interest between physicians and health services they refer to. –Use of r TMS for patients with stroke is not recommended until its efficacy is verified in high-quality, large scale RCT’s –Subgroup analysis: Contralesional r TMS displayed a moderate effect size on motor outcomes Small number of subjects across all articles reviewed with sample sizes ranging from 10 to 123. Meta-Analysis for motor function was only performed on 4 of 19 studies. Wang CC, Wang CP, Tsai PY, Hsieh CY, Chan RC, Yeh SC. For further questions please contact: [email protected]’s disease is a progressive neurological condition that often results in a high risk of falls due to disordered motor control and postural instability.Correlate TFO values with fall rates in the community. The role of limb movement in maintaining upright stance: the “change-in-support” strategy. It is proposed that exercise assessment and aerobic exercise training may Acknowledgements: Anne Galgon, PT, Ph D, NCS Contact: Jackie Pedersen, Temple Class of 2017. Kurowski BG, Hugentobler J, Quatman-Yates C, Taylor J, Gubanich PJ, Altaye M, Wade SL. Legislation was drafted in order to prohibit this type of practice in what came to be known as the Stark Law. Use of Physical Therapy Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery: Implications of Orthopedic Surgeons’ Ownership of Physical Therapy Services. doi:10.1111/1475-6773.12465Swedlow, A., Johnson, G., Smithline, N., & Milstein, A. Increased Costs and Rates of Use in the California Workers’ Compensation System as a Result of Self-Referral by Physicians. Nonsurgical treatment of acetabular labrum tears: A case series. –r TMS suggests a clinically positive effect on motor recovery in the affected upper limb of patients with stroke –Low frequency r TMS over the contralesional hemisphere being more effective in enhancing upper limb motor recovery based on subgroup analysis Small number of subjects across all articles reviewed Many articles reviewed report a wide variety of long term outcomes, if any (from 2 weeks to 1 year), Outcome measures, experimental designs, inclusion criteria, and r TMS protocols varied between articles. “Sham” stimulation still involved actual use of the r TMS coil and it is possible that there was some stimulation to the motor cortex or the sensory cortex that may have confounded the results. Generalizability limited to those with unilateral chronic stroke Contralesional inhibitory stimulation to the primary motor cortex by low frequency r TMS is not yet an evidence-based method during early rehab for patients with stroke There were statistically significant differences in both groups from pre test to post test scores, however there were no significant between group differences Small sample size, The article stated that those in the experimental group received more PT posttreatment, There was loss to follow-up in both groups potentially skewing the data, though an intention to treat analysis was performed. Seniów J, Bilik M, Leśniak M, Waldowski K, Iwański S, Członkowska A. Inhibitory repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the contralesional premotor and primary motor cortices facilitate poststroke motor recovery. Research involving this population has focused on challenging impaired systems, and has demonstrated that using motor learning principles individuals with Parkinson’s disease are capable of learning motor tasks. Scholtes VA, Becher JG, Janssen-Potten YJ, Dekkers H, Smallenbroek L, Dallmeijer AJ. PICO Question: Does diaphragmatic pacing improve respiratory independence and QOL in individuals with spinal cord injury as compared to mechanical ventilation. Patient goals are to return to home and work independently with focus on resuming his role as a father.

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