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Interviews with Mexican lesbians and movement leaders present impressions of daily life in their country. The parents also talk about struggling with the pain their sons and daughters have dealt with, such as not being accepted by relatives and/or friends and being ostracized by religious congregations. Videocassette release of a film originally produced bythe Oregon Tape Project in 1994. A blend of fact and fiction, Beefcake focuses on the 1950's world of male-physique magazines and Mizer's Athletic Model Guild.

Contents: A place called lovely -- It wasn't love -- Girl power. They then transform these feelings into expressive movement, which Jones incorporates into the dance "Still/Here". RSVP: A powerful portrait of loss punctuated by the haunting voice of Jessye Norman.

The film is based on home videotapes made during that time. Video/C 4002 Presents a series of vignettes in which boy meets boy and girl meets girl, using the romantic music and visuals of Hollywood film noir to explore the ideal of love at first sight. Performers: Carmelita Tropicana, Annie Iobst, Sophia Ramos, Livia Daza Paris.

Q4 1993) University of Pennsylvania: racially insensitive language, Harvard University: gay rights, Stanford University: multicultural ideals, Pennsylvania State: sexual harassment, University of Washington: radical feminism. Sandy and Barbara had almost three years together from the time Barbara's cancer was diagnosed until her death in 1988. Humorous monologues and campy production numbers ensue.

P -- Anthem -- Relax -- Billy Turner's secret -- Dead boys club.

A film by Lucy Massie Phenix based on original videotapes by Ann Hershey.

This documentary chronicles the history of lesbian and gay life and the Gay Liberation Movement from the riots at Stonewall to the end of the century. Video/C 2338 Winter 1989: The education of Admiral Watkins -- AIDS update -- A death in the family. Billy Turner's Secret: An upbeat comedy about a young Black man coming out to his roommate. Interweaves images from Jean Genet's masterpiece Un Chant d'Amour with images from gay male sex films. DVD 6808; vhs Video/C 3463 Audre Lorde, poet and lesbian-feminist talks about being lesbian and black in New York in the 1950s and her social/political activity. Video/C 5667 Chronicles the lives of the students of the EAGLES Center, an alternative high school in Los Angeles for gay and lesbian teens who, due to persecution, are unable to function in the regular school system. Video/C 4804 Presents narratives by persons who have AIDS or are HIV positive. Lecture presented to IDS 130 class, Seminar on Social, Political and Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine, at the University of California, Berkeley, in March, 1994. Video/C 3226 Ex-Mormon-lesbian comedian Sue Ann Post attends the annual conference of Affirmation, an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Mormons in Salt Lake City Utah. The film explores how effeminate and gay men in homophobic Vietnam have traditionally found community and expression in the country's popular Mother Goddess Religion, Dao Mau. During workshops and caucuses, through discussion and entertainment, participants came together to explore ways that our community can sustain and validate itself without supporting a system that actively exploits poor people, women, people of color, and gay people. Clips from their signature roles are remounted in silent film style vignettes casting them in the role of lovers by Chilean video artist Barriga. Video/C 3304 Roosevelt Williams addresses a class on medical ethics concerning his experiences with the medical establishment while being treated for the disease of AIDS. DVD 5306 In this documentary, the filmmaker follows Master Luu Ngoc Duc, one of the most prominent spirit mediums in Hanoi, and his vibrant community through their rituals and everyday life. Features anecdotes from the surviving cast and filmmakers." Directed and produced by Crayton Robey. The film began in 1999 after the Queeruption gathering in New York City. Video/C MM1139 A film which links two queens of the silver screen, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich through motifs such as the cigarette and circuitry of meaningful gazes and gestures. Barbara Hammer weaves striking images of the sexual activities of four gay and lesbian couples with footage that unearths the forbidden and invisible history of a marginalized people. This documentary follows them throughsix decades, tracing the emergence of lesbians fromthe fear of discovery to the expectation of equality. An extraordinary film which explores the dynamic of assumptions, seen through the struggle of a gay man who has recently been told that he is HIV positive. DVD X7145 Reviews the struggle for lesbian and gay rights in the United States, citing historical figures whose sexuality has been ignored in history and who could have been inspirational role models for young people today. Now ensconced at the foot of Christopher Street, Wigstock has found it's home. A student produced Academy Award winning film documenting the formal Jewish wedding of two California women, Heidi Stern and Deborah Ellis, and the reverberations among each of their families. DVD X4010 Video/C 6623 Records the personal stories of gay and lesbian youth who are faced with social isolation, rejection by family and peers and the threat of homophobic violence, yet despite the odds are able to make it through and get on with their lives. Feinberg who has spent much of her own life passing as a man speaks with passion and intelligence about her experiences, calling for more sensitivity for the human rights and dignity of transgendered people. What else would you expect with all that teasing going on? Through an examination of four gay male families, this documentary traces the critical issues that inevitably intersect their private lives, the ambiguous place of interracial families in America, the precariousness of surrogacy and adoption, the complexities of marriage and divorce within the gay community, and the legality of their own parenthood. Directed, produced and sound recorded by Nicole Opper. Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, founders of the first lesbian-rights organization and celebrating their 51st anniversary, were invited to be the first couple married.

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