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“Stormy Daniels ramped up her legal battle against Trump on Monday, alleging in court that his personal attorney Michael Cohen defamed her by insinuating that she lied about an affair with Trump more than a decade ago.Daniels amended her existing lawsuit against Trump, adding Cohen as a defendant in the pending case. “The UK government has confirmed that a controversial compulsory age verification check for online porn visitors will no longer be introduced in April as planned.Included the sketches of the characters as it’s neat to compare concept to finished sprite. These are only 3 of House of Tail’s 100 characters. Between you and me, it did feel kind of lame to have to dance around not having a larger support cast for Common Grounds. I like taking advantage of all the modern html/css standards. Special thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped! Will go through what’s on the waiting list when i need additional game making breaks.They also each get their own ‘special scene’ image. Forums: changed the look and added emotes/smilies from Common Grounds you can use.This was an idea that came to me and I wanted to put it out there for other people to think about.

Not 100% happy with the filters, but getting there.

All for nothing in the case of Secret Lagoon, as I noticed it was tagged as shota, at least the first one. Was afraid games like Corruption of Champions would be a tagging nightmare, but really liking the method of only tagging what a game focuses on. Nah, not if it’s not really a big part of everything.

Having to research Japanese titles and go through translated pages sure is an adventure.

The characters above were taken through all the passes to make sure the end results looked okay. Wouldn’t believe the stuff we’ve had to go through privately, by the way. Will add more to it after I get through the waiting list and upload.

My method to madness is doing several passes to tackle it all. Then coloring (all that preschool experience coming in super handy), rendering (light and shadows), and animation. Still unsure on some of the color choices (you can notice the change in Hextilda’s dress above), but I’m sticking to an overall color palette so it shouldn’t be difficult to narrow it down. Discovered a really neat platformer, “Packed Rat”, not listed in the forum from the maker of Vore Fable, added it. As such, there has been a lot of overlap when tagging games. Started the safe for work list due to some of the games on the waiting list being such.

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