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In base alla risoluzione A.949(23) dell’IMO e in seguito ai lavori condotti in collaborazione dalla Commissione, dall’Agenzia europea per la sicurezza marittima («l’Agenzia») e dagli Stati membri, occorrelegislation, being almost fully led by the residential market and small users (under 12 k Wp); all the market operators will therefore have to radically configure their organisational structures and it is still not clear how long it will take the market to restructure.quasi totalmente guidato solo dal mercato residenziale e delle piccole utenze (inferiori a 12 k Wp); tutti gli operatori di mercato dovranno pertanto riconfigurare radicalmente le proprie strutture organizzative e non appare ancora chiaro in quanto tempo il mercato potrà riconfigurarsi.directive on zoo animals contain provisions that are too general to have practical effects like for example in Annex to Directive 98/58/EC: "All animals must have access to feed at intervals appropriate to their physiological needs" or in Directive 1999/22/EC on zoo animals: "accommodating their animals under conditions which aim to satisfy contengono disposizioni troppo generali per avere effetti concreti, come ad esempio quelle nell'allegato della direttiva 98/58/CE: "Tutti gli animali devono avere accesso ai mangimi ad intervalli adeguati alle loro necessità fisiologiche" o nella direttiva 1999/22/CE sugli animali nei giardini zoologici: "sistemare gli animali in condizioni That having been said, given that for us to comply with the above-mentioned regulation firstly means accommodating the requests of the stakeholders realistically represented here, we believe that this Report, which will be submitted to the Shareholders’ Meeting in April for approval, is capable of responding regulations on the subject, both from the point of view of compliance, but even more so in substantial terms; we specifically refer to the matters of consistent management of risk, guarantee of profitability in the long-term and transparency, to which the Company has devoted particular effort and on which it will continue to focus its attention in the future.This means an employer may be required to make reasonable adjustments to the work environment that will allow an employee to practice his or her religion.” An employer may have to provide a reasonable accommodation (such as leave or modifications that enable an employee to perform her job) for a disability related to pregnancy, absent undue hardship (significant difficulty or expense).“ In addition the requirement for pregnancy is that it be treated the same as any other temporary disability. To me providing an accommodation is the right thing to do.At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for Dyslexia What classroom accommodations help level the playing field for studentswith dyslexia?Here are some common ways schools make learning moreaccessible.As an old commercial used to say “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” Thanks to Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog for inspiration for this post.

The law requires an employer or other covered entity to reasonably accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices, unless doing so would cause more than a minimal burden on the operations of the employer’s business.

Or maybe you want to build up credit for accommodating that you might use later.

(This technique can backfire if you end up with a reputation for not standing your ground.

Motto: "Whatever." The accommodating style is one of sacrifice, selflessness and low assertiveness.

You are willing to give up just about everything in order to preserve the relationship with the other party.

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