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To keep the long story short, my ex and i were together for about 1 year and 6 months. besides, i dnt think u need to b rude, jus ignore and she'll know dat u r not interested in her anymore if ever she tries to contact u... people come n go, bt the best ones stay back wit u to make the most of what u have and can give...!!! he wont say hi if he sees me and completely avoids me. We were together 2 years and my ex got a new bf in a month. But when you finally forget her is when she might come back. It's just got worse and worse with Xmas and has him around my son which I can't stop I reply to her text but don't chat or text her first. She is in a serious or not serious relationship with him.

She broke up with because i became insecure and needy. The problem is i made all the rookie mistakes and i pushed her away. Right now she is seeing someone else and the guy is now starting to court her. and best part, if u hav realised that u dnt want her back den y d pain if u c her wit any1 shez dating... texted him recently and he responded by saying dont text me again not interested in any way not even to talk. Now I am older and stronger in heart, maybe maybe I would forgive now! The 2nd, and 3rd the mums did influence their daughters against me! After 2 months of NC, i found out they broke up in 1 month and she is trying to talk to me again. Do what I did and BLOCK her on fb, delete her on yahoo, watever you can to have nothing to remind you of her. She says its not but she has him around my son and can see her marrying him and having kids.

Do you think its time to move on and forget about her? And ever since her facebook she puts that shes happy, she feels loved and memes that say I love you. Im not sure if hes a rebound or if shes really in love with him.

What if she contacted me in the next couple of weeks? I just feel really bad and would like her back but not sure if she really is in love and loves him even though it sounds like it Look here bro these girls are not Waste the time and effort.

See I told her I was not going to interfere in her new relationship.

Ill try my best to avoid her even though it kills me.

Im a good guy i treated her right she said =her and the guy just held hands im like okay just u still don't do it i was like u dont than she hung up and said ill call you later.

Im like okay, So i was thinking and pondering about some things us her.

i call her on skype see here she looks differnt im like okay.What to do, im like i treated her right she did this too me she with a bad guy that smokes weed looks like a thug and is goiing to hurt her. What i did stop stalking her on instagram Deleted all of the videos and pic we had together deleted her phone number and her other phone number trying to forget her number now.i did this all within 2 days of noncontact with her. maturity is accepting your part in every situation.I just recently broke up with my girlfriend we was constantly arguing, She was my first love too.

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