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A person might gain poetic insights into the nature of the world by seeing a caterpillar emerge from a cocoon or watching a full moon rise as the sun sets.Truth discovered through is more subjective, based on individual feelings and experiences.Many science-fiction authors have scientific backgrounds and use narratives to work out for themselves and to convey to others the mythical significance of findings in their various fields.Many of the great advances in civilization have been the product of these two ways of thinking working together.I find it useful when discussing this distinction to consider the Greek words from which our English words “logical” and “mythical” have been derived, .

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Fantasy authors often incorporate scientific discoveries and theories into their stories: Philip Pullman connects dark matter with Milton in the quintet.Artists, poets, musicians, and other mythical thinkers rely on the tools and techniques of : logical thinkers have figured out, for example, how to cure illnesses and prolong the average human lifespan, but they have learned through mythical thinking to value human life enough to bother.Products of are best seen as complementary to each other.We do not possess any description of the thought-process involved in the creation of this fable.We could guess that some ancient person might have observed the turtle’s slow pace and understood the turtle as downcast and humiliated, struggling under its great burden — or perhaps an observer saw in the turtle great determination in the face of life’s adversities.

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