Elf dating sims 2 cheats

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Created by the Old Deus, Kainasu, they are the seventh-ranking Exceed and one of the more magically-proficient races in Disboard, living in Elvengard, currently the largest territory in Disboard.

Though democratic in nature, Elves keep slaves from other races by winning as a wager (such as The sixth-ranking Exceed, Flügels are angelic beings specifically created by the Old Deus as their Living Weapons, thus they tend to be sarcastic and harsh.

The Sirens' Empress and full representative, she has been hibernating for eight hundred years while proposing a game: she would give everything she possessed (including her Race Piece) to the one man who manage to wake her up.

The thing is, she would only wake up if she manages to fall in love, creating a very complex and difficult "Real Life Romance Game".

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Warbeasts specialize in video games — something with which Sora and Shiro have lots of experience playing in.

The twelfth-ranking Exceed, Dhampires, as their name suggests, subsist on extracting soul essences from such body fluids as sweat, but can only mature by sucking blood.

Upon Tet's ascent to godhood and his subsequent banning of violence, the Dhampires, which used to suck blood left and right, victims willing or not, are forced to live a succubus-like existence, being forced to make a mutual pact with their intended victims, and are currently tied to the Sirens of Oceando.

After Tet's ascension, the Warbeasts were scattered in various clans across Disboard, but were eventually united under a single nation by "Miko" over a period of about fifty years.

Their territory, the Eastern Federation, is among the largest in Disboard, and also the most technologically-advanced.

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