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In order to complete this quest, she's asked by one of the current bosses to take a job in Houston that she's uncomfortable with. (Drama) html format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board An After School Haunting by Todd Bronson A teenage outcast must unravel the murder mystery of a popular 80's high school athlete before he meets the same grim fate.

126 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Alien Girl by Oscar Moreno Hoping to be reunited with her abducted mother, a teenage girl and her best friend run away from home to make alien contact as they're chased by their families, friends and the law.

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Livius has become one of the most powerful men in town. But the Vesuvius is slyly rehearsing his famous show...

While Billy is a whimsical dreamer, faced with internal demons, Story's blinded optimism keeps her believing that she can change him.

His plans for them include traveling around the world and visiting his birthplace.

As he struggles to survive memories of events prior slowly come back to him explaining his current predicament.

A plot twisting adventure with an ending to the ending. 103 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board According to Plan by Gary Howell (Hawkeye ) and Rick Hansberry A former professor with early onset dementia convinces his teenage grandson and 16 year-old neighbor to drive him to his old home to find a treasure he claims to have once hidden, but when things don't go according to plan, the grandson will have to deal with an unfortunate past.

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