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The guiding force for Victoria staying at Collinwood despite all the hardships was her determination to discover where she really came from.

Her first clue that led her to Collinsport was the money she received in the mail every month, beginning when she was 2 and stopping when she was 16, that was postmarked in Bangor, Maine (5, 34).

Victoria decides to question Matthew Morgan, the Collins' groundskeeper.

Matthew tells her that she would be better off to search in Augusta, the state capital (12, 13).

A man eventually came and talked with her over and over again until the girl realized her problem (15).

Upon first seeing Vicki, David declared that he hated her (4).David felt that Vicki was there to replace his mother and rejected Vicki at every turn (6).Vicki became extra concerned when she learned that David had attempted to kill his father; however, David stole the evidence before she could present it to Elizabeth (25, 26).The infant Victoria was dropped off on the doorstep of the Hammond Foundling Home in New York in the winter of 1946, in a cardboard box with a note pinned to it, stating, "Her name is Victoria.I cannot take care of her." The home took her in and gave her the last name "Winters" after the season (4).

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