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I'm curious if a rifle was rebarrled the date on the barrel would not be the same as when the reciever was manufactured. If this is a dumb question or has been covered I apoligize but am new at this Something I had copied and saved, cant swear it its accuracy: Inland Division of General Motors 1 - 5 (Tool Room Models) (Nov. I just picked up a Universal M1 Carbine today for 0, and was finding it difficult to find a specific date in which it was made, the only info I was able to find, said it was made in Hialeah Florida,and dated it between 1961-1984, with the serial number, does anyone have any ideas when it would have been made? I never knew it was a POS until I read it on the net.....the serial number is 3184XX any info is helpful Did you look here? Yes I have looked there, and where exactly would it be stamped and what would be in the stamp? After reading how they can fire out of battery (any gun can if it's not right) I tested mine and it won't pop a primer until the bolt is damn near closed. The bolt carrier is a poor money saving design that will crack someday but it hasn't yet on mine. ” Modern wars, mostly made of brief low-intensity, close-range clashes, sometimes even taking place in urban areas, have led to the emergence of two major trends, which have stirred controversy. That is indeed a very precise and powerful caliber, with a massive range...The first one involves the shift within the military, where carbines replaced rifles ‒ the first ones having a shorter and smaller barrel and thus proving handier in smaller areas, the latter scoring better in terms of ballistic performance. However, in an early stage, the caliber of the new rifle was supposed to be the smaller .276-Pedersen, a cartridge which would have allowed to produce a lighter and handier weapon with less recoil. 1943 - May 1944) Note: The author states that 239 field replacement receivers marked "COMMERCIAL CONTROLS" were produced in July, 1944. 1944 - May 1944) International Business Machine Corp.

Such a gap cannot definitely be filled by machine guns, the latter using handgun ammunition which do not prove to be effective against shielded targets.

My ser# is 402xxx and was built in the mid 70's so I don't think yours is too much earlier, definitely not C&R... I have a late Universal that I bought new @ Big5 in 1978.

Contrary to what gets posted on the net based on one actual story where a late Universal fired out of battery, I've never had a problem with mine after many thousands of rounds.

Metropolitan areas can change in an instant with a major catastrophe.

Hundreds of thousands of people could be gone just as quickly.

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