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It's when it is over and your so called still together. What if the right comes around but your not suppose to because it not proper?

yes i understand what some would say ,but have to wonder have they had this to deal with themselves ,and not the monday morning quarterback talk! Cheating is, to me, seeing other people while the person you're with knows nothing about them, and you're deliberately concealing this fact.

On this subject you will here alot of differernt veiws and it's manly by each one thoughts, what they went threw,inside yourself you know what is right for you. For some women, it is not about being freaked out, it actually is about respecting the sanctity of marriage until it is legally ended. In your case, you have knowledge that your soon-to-be-ex is seeing other people.

The other part of this is finding people to date that arn't all freaked out about where you are at,which makes the time period that much more harder to endure,like being tried a second time for a crime you didn't commit thats is what it's like this is what you want So what is right,you make the call! Good luck out there,i hope you find what you want and need in your life,and take out the trash in it! texas ice tea - easy answer for your comments - JUST END IT. If it is finances that are holding you back, get a second job and pay for it if you want to end it. 5 month, 6 months, 8 months, 1 year, 2 years...yada yada.... Complete the process and move on if you really want to move on....until then, you are still legally tied down... You recognize that fact that it's over, and you need to move on. Even if you both are considering reconciling, he is obviously doing what he wants to do in the dating world.

I think a legal separation is just a way to say it's okay to move on physically before the legal matters are taken care of.. The term "cheating" does not reflects the real situation.

It sounds more like a joke or something unimportant. Removal of emotional feelings is not the same as respect.

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OP, since you say you don't want him back, then to all intents and purposes the marriage is over, just waiting for the legal "stamp." So in that case, I say it is not cheating. Then after a couple of weeks the other woman announced her engagement to someone else so my ex didn't have anyone.. At first glance I'd say it was "cheating" of a sort since you weren't presumably ending the relationship, just being apart until you sorted things out.

IF u don' this just open up the door of he loves me he loves me not.

Don' get caught up in the game let him or her play it them selfs with the divorce.

You need to start thinking about you; seeing other people now would most definitely not be cheating.

There is no marriage anymore; just a legal binding.

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