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Lawson discussed three general forms of abuse and gave examples of each (included below).She says the key to identifying behavior that crosses the line is the reaction of the partner.focuses on 11– to 14–year–olds in high-risk, urban communities.It includes preventive strategies for individuals, peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods.Lawson says preventing teen dating violence starts with educating your students on the nature of relationship abuse.“You won’t know on the first date you’re with an abuser,” Lawson explains.“You have to be aware of how comfortable you feel with this person each time you engage with them.“So you have to explain that, yeah, not getting what you want sucks, but it’s part of adulthood. The biggest way we can combat domestic violence is to teach young boys and young girls that a relationship doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything.A relationship is a partnership.”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines dating violence as “the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional aggression within a dating relationship, including stalking.” The better school officials and students become at defining abuse the better off a campus will be.

Teenage years are years of change, so it could just be a fad, but if you assume that then you’re missing an opportunity.”“We have to be aware of the idea of social engineering,” Lawson says.The basics of teen dating violence should be discussed with students early on in their time at campus and multiple times thereafter.The ultimate goal of prevention and intervention is to stop dating violence before it begins.If a person’s partner is clearly not comfortable with a certain behavior, that person should stop.Victims of teen dating violence may become isolated from friends or appear anxious to upset their partner.

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