Dating tootsie toys

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Well, having laid down the ground rules, let's get on with it. It is presided over by three brothers, Myron (Mile), Allen and Richard (Dlck) Shure.

Their grandfather had been an importer and manufacturer of novelties used in the carnival and circus trade, and bought out the Dowst Brothers Company in June 1926, after which the firm changed its name to the Dowst Manufacturing Co. When this company bought out the Strombecker Corporation in January 1964, during the crest of the slot-racing fad, it took the name of the lesser firm.

There are three small miniature cars shown in it, issued as miniature favours, charms, pins, buttons and cuff links.

He became a most inventive contributor, patenting the later cars and trucks in the 1920s and culminating in his patent of the Grahams in 1934.It then expanded into the slot-raclng area, but continued making Tootsietoys, as well as other items long in their line, such as the metal miniatures used in Monopoly games.The Dowst firm itself evolved in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.The World's Columbian Exposition took place in Chicago during the summer of 1893, at which a new type-casting machine, the Line-O-Type, was introduced.It was natural that this should interest the publishing Dowsts, and one was soon installed at their plant.

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