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"They will openly comment on your appearance in ways that Americans won't. There is still a belief here among some that what a mother sees or touches while she's pregnant will affect the looks of her unborn child.The Philippines is a country that, right or wrong, aesthetically prizes light skin and European noses, so it's not uncommon for young women to come up to my children when we are out and about and just start stroking their cheeks.It pains me to know that people have to live like that to put rice on the table.It is their choice though, so I make no judgements. There are tons of opportunities available, depending on your expertise.If you are going to be assigned to this area, go out on Field's Avenue and experience the life there.It is not something that everyone can come to terms with.

My kids are used to it now, but I still have to control the urge to tell these women to step back and keep their hands to themselves.I've picked up about 100 words of Tagalog, but I'm really bad with languages and I only regularly hear it spoken once a week, so my progress has been slow.We've been here three years, and just committed to 5 more, so I'm biting the bullet and taking formal lessons in Tagalog in the new year," explained another expat.Expats have reviewed numerous schools in The Philippines including International School Manila, British School Manila, Leaders Christian International School in Makati and others.One expat living in Angeles City advised, "I would tell a person considering a move to the Philippines and up to Clark to pay close attention during the look-see trip.

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