Dating the new testament canon

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Tradition has it that the author of Mark was John Mark, an associate of Peter the Apostle. Also, several late second-century sources indirectly allude to John Mark's association with Peter.

These claims have long been challenged by scholars, primarily because John Mark was a known Jew.

Figuring out the authorship of the four Gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John) stands to be nearly impossible, because they are anonymous.

The Gospels as some finalized collection of the Story of Jesus aren't mentioned in Paul's Epistles.

So if Jews especially in the large cities didn't even know Hebrew, why in the name of sanity would anyone with a brain in their head write a Gospel in Hebrew for them?

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Hence, convincing the Priestly Elite that a specific letter was written by Paul increased its likelihood of being included in the formal and final Canon (3rd Century CE).In fact, the often referenced c125 CE date for and the next oldest piece, Egerton Papyrus 2 (150 - 200 CE), is not even from any known Gospel.The dating of Acts is similarly vague, with its traditional dating of 80-90 CE being some time after Paul was dead and gone, and there are some who suggest the Luke-Acts we have was in response to Marcion of Sinope's teaching, meaning neither can be earlier then 120 CE.While there is linguistic evidence to support the idea that a few distinct passages in Matthew could have been written in Hebrew, linguistic markers in the Greek version of Matthew do not support this theory.In fact, as in A&E's Ancient Mysteries: Who Wrote the Bible? You had to know Greek in addition to your own language.

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