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He’s reached out a few times since then to see if anything changed, and I let him know they hadn’t.

His emails have gotten more and more aggressive, but I have remained friendly and firm that there isn’t an opportunities. ” attaching a list of every job listing in his area (all of which are different and don’t fit his background — i.e., he has no cyber security background but wants to be the team lead). At this point, his persistence is beyond annoying and downright frustrating. You don’t have to respond to his messages, and he can continue applying and you can continue blandly rejecting him.

In general, managers do let people know news this devastating, unless specifically asked not to — if for no other reason than that helps people avoid innocently asking “how’s the baby? It’s possible that your coworker asked your manager not to share the news.

For reference, I come in and leave earlier than my colleagues and we don’t have the luxury of cleaning staff, so I know it’s a colleague who is doing this.

(I’m 99% sure I know who, and the person’s I’m thinking of is senior to me.) Is this just someone’s weird quirk that I need to let go of? And really, the bigger issue is that you feel like you’re being micromanaged and working at a job below your capabilities, and this is rubbing salt in that wound — but it’s not a totally outrageous thing on its own. If the person who’s micromanaging you is the same person you think is doing this, I can see why it really grates — now she’s micromanaging your trash?

Normally I would keep disciplinary consequences and performance issues private from other employees, but it’s going to be immediately evident to others that this person is in the office a lot more (and I have a strong suspicion that the disciplinee will complain to their coworkers about it).

What do I say if my other reports ask me what happened?

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