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Read more about public records in PRC’s Guide, Credit Creditors may mine social networking sites, including Facebook and Linked In, to supplement the information they gather from traditional credit reports.

By supplementing credit reports with data from social networks, creditors claim that they may be able to offer loans to consumer who may not qualify under traditional underwriting methods.

Anyone, including strangers, can view whatever is posted as “public.” However, there may be other data that you share publicly without realizing it, and there are less obvious ways that your information may be treated as public without your permission, including: Advertising Your own publicly posted content isn’t the only way that you can be tracked, and advertisers are very interested in the information that can be gathered by tracking a user’s actions online.

Some of the purposes of analysis may include: Behavioral advertising is the term used to describe the practice of tailoring advertisements to an individual’s personal interests.

Government and law enforcement access Law enforcement and government officials can monitor social networks for valuable information.It sets limits on what information employers can get from background checks and how they can use that information (see PRC).However, the FCRA only applies to employers using third-party screening companies.It’s is important to know what information can be seen by non-contacts and to consider what kind of conclusions might be drawn from it. firms searched job candidates’ social media pages and, in certain states, job candidates whose public Facebook profiles indicated they were Muslim were less likely to be called for interviews than Christians.Though illegal, potential employers might discriminate based on information available from profile pictures and other easily available information on one’s social networking profile. Be aware of revealing even basic information such as: is a law that not only regulates credit reports but also sets national standards for employment screening and background checks.

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