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The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) stated that “She left citing many years of emotional and physical abuse by her husband as the reason for her departure”.

Wife #9: Inkhosikati La Magongo, née Nontsetselo Magongo: “The Favorite” (Born: 1985.

However, as tradition prohibits, her son can never claim kingship.

After earning her degree, the UNISA graduate said she’d studied psychology because as a queen having to work closely with a great number of people, she needed to acquire the knowledge necessary for keeping an open mind and understanding better the people she meets.

With several social and professional accomplishments under her belt, this prominent and very articulate UNISA’s law graduate advocates for Christianity, health, AIDS prevention and treatment, poverty-reduction, maternal mortality reduction, and much more.

Wife #5: Inkhosikati La Hwala, née Putsoana Hwala: “The Wanted” (Born: 1974) Leaving her three children behind, Putsoana Hwala fled the royal life to South Africa in 2004, using her South African passport to escape possible detection by security agents. Wife #6: Inkhosikati La Magwaza, née Delisa Magwaza: “The Artist” (Born: 1974.

Married: 1993) Former patron of Safe Motherhood, art lover Delisa left the king in 2004 at the height of a sex scandal in which she was the principal actress.

She was accused of having an affair with a 23-year-old South African man, Lizo Shabangu.

The relationship was allegedly terminated when the Sowetan expressed his desire to elope with Delisa.

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