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Drawing on research that questions the very existence of the divide between users and providers, Reimagining the Human Service Relationship offers thought-provoking insights that challenge both policy and practice.An insightful collection of essays that illuminate the everyday dynamism of human service provision and the futility of adequately capturing this with experience-distant distinctions such as professional/client and autonomy/dependency. Professional Intervention from a Service User Perspective, by Tone Alm Andreassen3.Risk, Trust, and the Complex Sentiments of Enacting Care, by Amanda Grenier and Cristi Flood11."Civil Disobedience" and Conflicting Rationalities in Elderly Care, by Signe Mie Jensen and Kaspar Villadsen Part IV. Mental Health Self-Knowledge: Crossing Borders with Recovery Colleges and Tojisha Kenkyu, by Tom Shakespeare and Rachael Collins13.

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Additionally, the human services environment has been transformed by administrative imperatives.What is important about this book is its focus on that relationship.Reimagining the Human Service Relationship explores how it may help and the new forms it may take with user involvement and service users as practitioners, and offers fresh insights to support its flowering in the future.Tension and Balance in Teaching "The Patient Perspective" to Mental Health Professionals, by Erik Eriksson and Katarina Jacobsson14.Reimagining the Doctor–Patient Relationship, by Ian Greener15. Personal and Professional Identities in Welfare Services, by Marian Barnes16.

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