Dating practices in japan

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Japan is a parliamentary democracy with a population of approximately 127.4 million.In August 2009 the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won parliamentary elections and ended the Liberal Democratic Party's half-century of dominance.An NGO reported that prisoners facing the death penalty were sometimes kept in solitary confinement for decades and concluded that a number of these prisoners had become mentally ill as a result but that requests for mental health records of death-row inmates were summarily denied.NGOs continued to report that prison management regularly abused the rules on solitary confinement.

In December a police investigation into whether the 10 officers used excessive force was sent to Chiba prosecutors to decide if indictments are warranted.In June, Naoto Kan succeeded Yukio Hatoyama as prime minister. Human rights nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) reported problems with the country's detention facilities and legal system.In July elections for the parliament's upper house, the ruling coalition led by the DPJ lost its majority in that chamber but retained control of the more powerful lower house. There were several reports of corruption during the year.Prison officials stated that solitary confinement was an important tool to maintain order in prisons that were at or above capacity.Hazing, bullying, and sexual harassment were reported as problems in the Japanese Self Defense Forces.

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