Dating north

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😉 I also say ‘naturally’ because I don’t think that most North Korean ladies have access to plastic surgery.

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With words like ‘ouri nara mall’ (our nation’s language) and ‘adjoshi’ or ‘ajumma’ (uncle or aunt rather than older man and older woman) makes you realize how closed and protective people from South Korea can be. I can only imagine how people from North Korea are!If you’re dating a North Korean woman get ready to struggle just to make her taste a foreign dish.Even just hanging out with a foreigner (especially if you’re American) will be the story of her life! If their language hasn’t evolved much then I can’t imagine that their English did!After all: they still call themselves the ‘Choson’ people which ended 2 centuries ago.If they’re still living in that era then I can only imagine what North Korean Kpop is like.

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