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The punishments for breaking the law range from small fines to detainment.

After the campaign started gaining international attention, Iranian conservative commentators and media outlets began attacking Alinejad.

"I am reporting about the women who live in Iran and my plan is to listen to them," she said.

"I don't know how long I can tolerate these attacks, but my plan is to listen to these women.

The creator of a popular Facebook page where women in Iran share photos of themselves without their compulsory hijabs has come under attack by Iranian state TV, which aired a false report alleging that she had been gang-raped in front of her son at a London subway station.

Exiled Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad created the "My Stealthy Freedom" Facebook page as a place where Iranian women could share photos of themselves without their hijabs and headscarves.

In the photo, a young woman stands in front of the camera holding a long pink scarf in her hand with a cityscape behind her.

"To put it in a nutshell, I want the right to choose," the translated caption says.

A commentator suggested to the state-run Tasnim news agency that women who feel the desire to reveal their beauty were inviting unwanted sexual advances from men, even rape.

I am following these women, these women are not following me." She also says that she is not against the hijab -- members of her own family chose to wear it – but believes it should be up to each individual woman to make that decision for themselves.

In fact some of her favourite photos that she receives are from women who wear the hijab, but believe it should not be mandatory.

According to the article, men could not be responsible for giving in to their urges, Alinejad said.

"According to their imagination, any women who do not believe in the hijab deserve to be raped," she told

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