Dating girl friend tips

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Make no mistake: when I say I’m giving you tips on how to be the best girlfriend ever, I’m not talking about tips that have to do with serving your boyfriend or catering to him to make sure he’s happy.

I’m giving you tips on how to make a relationship work as best you can – tips on how to be the kind of girlfriend your boyfriend can count on when he’s upset, the kind of girlfriend he can call his best friend and more.

Unless his friends are total jerks who are mean to you, give them the benefit of the doubt and be polite.

You don't need to be BFF's, you just need to be nice! If you're dating someone, you need to learn to trust that person.

To get him excited to see you or just to make him smile, send him a few flirty texts during the day sometimes. Source: Shutter Stock Trying new things together is something every couple should be doing, especially if you've been dating for a while.

They don't have to be crazy sexual, they can just be cute, like, "I can't wait to see you later ;)" or something like that. It can be easy for things to get boring and stale, so show off a sense of adventure and make it clear to your boyfriend that you're willing to try new things with him.

There are a lot of ways to be a bad girlfriend that we’re all guilty of from time to time and that’s honestly okay, as long as you’re doing the right thing most of the time.

While your number one goal in life should never be to the world’s number one girlfriend, you should try to be your best self in a relationship, because don’t you expect your boyfriend to be a good BF? Anyway, whether it’s your first relationship or your 10th, here are 12 tips on how to be the best girlfriend ever…

Get to know your BF, then gently push him in the right direction.

But a lot of guys have been trained to not be emotional.

They're afraid to be vulnerable and when they're upset, their first instinct is not always to call and vent to you.

If a guy wants you to agree with him 100 percent of the time, that's controlling.

Source: Shutter Stock I feel like, a lot of the time, girls get so caught up in feeling like their boyfriends should be showering them with compliments that they forget to do the same thing.

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