Dating for parents with autistic children

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He is a practicing counseling psychologist and parent-coach with more than 20 years’ experience.He has worked with hundreds of children and teenagers with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism (HFA), and presents workshops and runs training courses for parents and professionals who deal with Aspergers and HFA.I have realized that I am doing the same thing with my daughter: being afraid to really discipline to not "hurt her feelings" and also making HER responsible for my feelings by yelling and screaming! And it seems the harder the parent tries, the more the teenager rebels.I often hear the following statement from parents: “I've tried everything with this child – and nothing works.” But when they download the My Aspergers Teen e Book, they soon discover they have NOT tried everything – rather they have tried .Let’s face it: You have been force-fed garbage and misinformation that will never put your “special needs” teen back on the right track.I'm tired of reading all the bad advice out there …I’m tired of seeing Aspergers and HFA teens’ lives ruined because their emotions and behavior can’t be controlled …and I’m tired of seeing parents chase their tails in a hopeless cycle of frustration and stress.

Inside My Aspergers Teen, you will get all the tools you need to improve your child's behavior. We just moved to a new state, kids started a new school, our dog died - lots of stress.(b) empower parents and assist them in starting to enjoy their amazing Aspergers and HFA teens.Parenting strong-willed, defiant teens with Aspergers and HFA is tough! In this program, you will discover how to: Testimonial: "Dear Mark Hutten....But if you are looking for rock solid and proven solutions to a whole bunch of parenting-problems associated with parenting an Aspergers or HFA teen, then I'm confident that you can benefit from my help.You could (and may) spend the rest of the afternoon surfing and "researching" about teenage autism-related behavioral problems only to find that you've gained a wonderful knowledge of what many of the problems are without any real knowledge of what to do about them.

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