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Six digits were changed to seven starting in the 1960’s making the year two digits instead of only one.

This means that if you don’t have a basic ballpark of the period an instrument was made prior to the 1960’s then Pot codes won’t really help you.

Offers a wider tone variation than standard tone controls. "Tone up" and modify your favorite guitar or bass with an S-1 Switch from Fender. Offers up to 25db of variable mid-boost for extra hot output when you need it.

006-1261-000 Genuine Fender 500K Solid Shaft S-1 Switch. 005-3736-000 (1) Genuine Fender 100k concentric stacked pot. Upper shaft is 3/16"(4.7mm) diameter and lower shaft is 1/4"(6.3mm) diameter. 005-7577-000 Genuine Fender active unit used on the Clapton Signature Series. and Mexico) requiring a split-shaft mini potentiometer.

This should never be the only method used, but quite often it can help back up evidence already acquired to date an instrument. First you need to get underneath, to the circular disc on the bottom of the shaft at the opposite end of the knob (which may, or may not, have to be removed depending on the instrument).

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Many guitars suffer from poor components that can turn into trouble within a short time; following Murphy´s Law, your troubles will most likely happen in the middle of a solo, live on stage.

To make your guitar road-worthy, I highly recommend completely replacing all external components with a "made in the Far East" quality.

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