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The Confederates at first consolidated their forces elsewhere, during which time the state government was moved to Opelousas and later Shreveport.

In the summer of 1862, about 2,600 Confederate troops under generals John C.

It was ruled by seven different governments: French, British, and Spanish in the colonial era, West Floridian, United States territory and state, Confederate, and United States again.

The Proto-Muskogean language divided into its descendant languages by about 1000 BC; a cultural boundary between either side of Mobile Bay and the Black Warrior River began to appear between about 1200 BC and 500 BC, a period called the Middle "Gulf Formational Stage".

By the time the Spanish made their first forays inland from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in the early 16th century, by some evidence many political centers of the Mississippians were already in decline, or abandoned.

The city is a culturally rich center, with settlement by immigrants from numerous European nations and African peoples.The settlement of Baton Rouge by Europeans began in 1721 when a military post was established by French colonists.Since European settlement, Baton Rouge has been governed by France, Britain, Spain, Louisiana, the Republic of West Florida, the Confederate States, and the United States.The Eastern Muskogean language began to diversify internally in the first half of the 1st millennium AD.The early Muskogean societies were the bearers of the Mississippian culture, which formed around AD 800 and extended in a vast network across the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, with numerous chiefdoms in the Southeast as well.

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