Dating an otaku

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During our latest Episode of AX Live we talked about the article and our question of the week was “Would you date an otaku in the US?

” While I’ll be giving an answer on air I felt that knowing my nature of rambling I won’t be able to get out everything I feel about it during such a short segment so I should write it out here for you all.

It’s nice to get a fresh opinion and new anime even if it’s older anime that I haven’t seen to watch! Fresh date ideas You can hang out with friends and go see anime movies in independent theaters, go to different anime conventions and meet new people. When you both love something together it’s like double the love!

Going to cosplay gatherings, Japanese festivals in Little Tokyo. Trustworthy Now this isn’t so much otaku, because you can find untrustworthy people anywhere, I’d point out to boy #2 but then again I won’t go into that… Plus for instance, say we both love series A, and series A is actually an homage to series Z and your otaku date hasn’t seen series Z you can help them discover more awesome anime! Enthusiastic conversations You can sit around together and have in depth conversations as to why you just can’t get into Naruto and why he has to watch School Days.

I was hurt and offended, this was a part of my life now, something I loved that he had no intention of trying to understand. I realized that I was so into the realm of Otakuness that I needed someone who understood the fandom, understood that dressing up wasn’t just for Halloween anymore but could be year round at different anime conventions, that I know the lyrics to A Cruel Angel’s Thesis more than the lyrics to the latest Kanye West song.

I found Boy #3, now I’m skipping boy #2 since he was Otaku enough but just a jerk all around so no need to get into that…

” “You could easily buy a video game for that much money! I no longer see myself as a “Normal Otaku” I’m a “Figure Otaku.” Yes I know my Anime, my Manga, and more, but I know my figures like nobody’s business.

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Heck this site’s redesign was done by my current boyfriend. Really only the current boyfriend has proven himself worthy of this title yet many men can just be douchejerks. Plus every week we give away a 4day badge to the convention for 2011!In a recent article on CNNGo about why “Why it’s better to date an otaku guy.” They talk about 8 reasons why Japanese Nerds are the best boyfriends.I won’t go into a review about the article so feel free to go read it then come back.He understand this hobby, heck he collects figures too.He doesn’t have as many as I do, and he asks me advice on whether or not he should get different figures (which i love by the way! I would love to do one day where I would take a group around the Exhibit Hall at Anime Expo and point out amazing figures and what to buy and what not to buy!

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